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in     by Glen F. 01.21.2016

Tanning and swimming may be the most obvious things to do while vacationing in Hollywood, Florida, but there are numerous other activities that you can participate in when looking for some fun in the sun!

If you are looking for something that is on the less expensive side of the spectrum, a snorkeling set is the way to go! There is a Walmart and a Target close to our Quality Inn Hollywood hotel, or you can even get lucky and find a snorkeling set in one of the pharmacies around Hollywood Blvd. For around $20-$30, you can get a snorkel set that will allow you to experience the beach in a different way. Underneath the crashing waves, the waters of South Florida are definitely worth checking out! From colorful fish to large coral reefs that have been around for generations, snorkeling is an affordable activity that allows you and your family to experience more for less!

Perhaps snorkeling is not for you? If this is the case, you can always build sand castles. Although sand castles can be a bit tedious to build, the accomplished feeling that comes with the satisfaction of building an awesome sand castle is only surpassed by the feeling you get when you are able to create a lasting memory through the use of a camera. Build that sand castle, snap a picture, and upload it to Social Media to show all of your friends what a great time you are having on your Florida vacation! You’ll be sure to get a ton of “likes!”

Maybe you are looking for something that is a little more adventurous? If that is the case, you can also rent numerous different types of beach and water vehicles. If you are vacationing in Hollywood with family, you can rent bicycles with big tires that allow you to ride on the sand. Want to go into the water? You can rent kayaks that seat more than one person! These vehicles are great for a fun day in the sun, and are even better if you would like to get a workout in while you are at the beach!

If working out while on vacation is the farthest thing from what you consider a good time, let internal combustion do the work for you, and rent a Jet Ski! Although Jet Skis can be a bit tough on the wallet, but renting one and taking one take one out for a couple of hours to hop on the waves and fly through the water with your spouse or kids will definitely give your entire family a grin from ear to ear. These ocean vehicles can go very fast and you can actually go airborne when launching off of the waves, so be careful!

If you are looking for something less intense but just as, if not more exciting, parasailing is a great way to see the sites of Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale from a birds-eye view! Although parasailing appears to be scary from the outside, it is actually very gentle and serene.  

With all of these activities being a possibility at just about any South Florida beach you might visit, just know that there is never a reason to be bored at the beach! Choose the activities that best suit you and go have some fun in the sun! South Florida awaits!

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