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Getting into South Florida via the air is probably the easiest and fastest way to travel to your vacation destination. With three major airports, including two within less than 20 miles of each other between Miami and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, flying in, and getting to your destination in South Florida, be it a hotel or a cruise, is a breeze... a tropical breeze!

Give Yourself a Day

If you are flying in for a cruise, book your flight to arrive the day before your cruise ship departs. Why? The answer is simple: your ship will not wait for you if you are late. If you are late for your flight, and have to book another one, you may not be able to get one in time to make it to the ship. Even if you make it to your airport on time, flight delays and cancellations are an inevitable part of travel. Flights can be delayed or cancelled at any time, for a variety of reasons completely out of your control. If your flight is delayed or cancelled the day your ship leaves port, the only thing you can do is wait and count down the hours to your dream vacation sail away without you on board. To avoid this heartbreak, the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and your sanity, is to give yourself an extra 24 hours. If anything goes wrong with the flight, you'll have plenty of chances to re-book another flight, wait it out or figure out another mode of transportation to get you to the port. If all goes well, and your flight is on time, who can complain about having an extra day in paradise? Enjoy staying in a Hollywood cruise hotel and get delivered to the cruise port the next day rested and ready to embark on your dream cruise vacation!

Planning Your Trip

Now that you are ready to give yourself a bit of extra time and fly into South Florida a day in advance, it is time to plan your trip. On the next edition of Flying to South Florida -- Tips from a Hollywood Cruise Hotel, we will cover the best steps to ensure your trip goes smoothly, all the way from your home to the destination!

To book your stay at Quality Inn - Hollywood Blvd & Port Everglades Cruise Port, visit Choice Hotels Booking or call the hotel at (954) 981-1800.




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