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in     by Glen F. 10.22.2015

3 brands, 13 ships at Port Everglades and PortMiami

Royal Caribbean Cruises offers multiple ways to cruise the Caribbean from south Florida. Cruise ships from three of the company’s five brands – Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises – will sail from Port Everglades and PortMiami this winter season.

Altogether, 13 ships owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises will dock in south Florida this season. Nine of the cruise company’s ships will sail from Port Everglades, while four of the firm’s ships will depart from PortMiami.

Royal Caribbean Cruises and PortMiami have announced plans to construct a gigantic berth at PortMiami. According to the Miami Herald, the new port would be financed, designed and built by the cruise company. Reports say the new berth could be 1,300 feet long, large enough to accommodate the largest cruise ships in existence. The new port could be operational by 2018.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International, the brand’s original cruise line, will dock six cruise ships in south Florida this winter season. Five of those cruise ships will operate out of Port Everglades. Only one ship from Royal Caribbean International will berth at PortMiami this winter season.

From Port Everglades

The cruise line will devote one ship to the Eastern Caribbean, one ship to the Western Caribbean and one ship to the Southern Caribbean. Another Royal Caribbean ship will alternate between Eastern Caribbean trips and Western Caribbean trips, while the line’s fifth cruise ship based in Port Everglades this winter will travel back-and-forth to the Bahamas.

  • Oasis of the Seas (6,296 max) will cruise the Eastern Caribbean this winter season. Most voyages on the 16-deck ship will last one week.
  • Independence of the Seas (3,634 max) will handle Western Caribbean cruises this season, which will run four-day and five-day trips as well as week-long sailings.
  • Serenade of the Seas (2,490 max) will focus on lengthy voyages to the Southern Caribbean this winter season. The sailings, which include stops in the ABC islands, will range in length from nine days to 12 days.
  • Navigator of the Seas (3,807 max) will alternate weekly runs to the Eastern Caribbean with weekly runs to the Western Caribbean. Those voyages may be combined into one glorious two-week escape!
  • Allure of the Seas (6,296 max) will sail short voyages to the Bahamas and the Western Caribbean this season.

From PortMiami

  • Majesty of the Seas (2,744 max) will runs short trips to the Bahamas this winter season. Three-night and four-night voyages include overnight port visits to Nassau and Coco Cay. CoCo is Royal Caribbean’s private Bahamas port. This season’s holiday cruise includes a stop at Key West, as well as the two Bahamas port visits.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines, which merged with Royal Caribbean in 1997, also will operate six cruise ships out of south Florida this winter season. Celebrity Cruise Lines will operate four ships out of Port Everglades this winter season, and two ships out of PortMiami.

From Port Everglades

Three Celebrity ships will make regular runs to the Caribbean. A fourth cruise liner will sail the Panama Canal.

  • Celebrity Constellation (2,038 max) will make mostly short runs to the Bahamas. A few trips to the Eastern Caribbean and the Western Caribbean also are slated for this season.
  • Celebrity Silhouette (2,886 max) will sail the Western Caribbean this season. Trips will last between five days and 11 days.
  • Celebrity Equinox (2,850 max) will sail on voyages lasting between nine days and 12 days this season. Many of those trips will be to the Southern Caribbean.
  • Celebrity Infinity (2,170 max) will sail the waters of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Caribbean this season. The ship is scheduled to visit the Panama Canal, South America and beyond on multiple voyages from Port Everglades this winter.

From PortMiami

Both Celebrity ships operating out of PortMiami this season have varied schedules and destinations.

  • Celebrity Reflection (3,046 max) will alternate weeklong trips to the Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean. Voyages to the Eastern Caribbean will include stops in San Juan, Charlotte Amalie and Phillipsburg. The Western Caribbean cruises will port in Cozumel, George Town and Ocho Rios.
  • Celebrity Eclipse (2,850 max) will mix short jaunts to the Western Caribbean with longer voyages to the Southern Caribbean. The Western Caribbean cruises are scheduled for five days. The ship’s voyages to the Southern Caribbean will last either nine days or two weeks.

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises features smaller cruise ships that can berth at smaller ports. One of the company’s two ships will be sailing the Caribbean this winter season.

From PortMiami

  • Azamara Journey (694 max) arrives at PortMiami in December for a series of extended voyages. The ship will sail three trips to the West Indies, each of which begins with a visit to St. John and ends with a stop in Virgin Gorda. Those trips will last 10 days, 11 days or 12 days. Another voyage - called Temples, Jungles and Beaches – travels to Mexico, Belize and Haiti.

The ship also will sail to Panama twice this season. Each Panama voyage will feature a partial transit of the Panama Canal. The ship sails for France in April.




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