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in     by Glen F. 09.02.2014

Load up your smartphone with free cruise apps before you leave port. These are our favorite smartphone cruise apps. They’ll help you locate your ship, find your stateroom, enjoy your destination cities, and more. One of our favorite apps might even help you overcome your bout of seasickness.

Quality Inns and Suites Hollywood offers great rates and outstanding service to cruise travelers. We’re part of the Choice Hotel group, and you can download our quick reservations app right here.

Our five favorite smartphone cruise apps include:

1) Port Everglades Cruise Schedule. Free, iPhone only. Developed by the special projects administrator at Port Everglades, this app provides you with all the up-to-date schedule info from the port. Since the info is stored on your device, you don’t need a phone connection to view it.

2) Shipmate. Free, iPhone and Android. Cruiseline.com bought it in 2013, adding review, photos and editorial content to this top-rated cruise app. Contains info on your cruise, your ship and your destinations.  Special photo sharing feature allows you to swap pictures with other cruisers.

3) Cruise Finder. Free, iPhone and Android. We like this one because it combines information from major Port Everglades cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity and Princess. Includes cruise-line itineraries, plus photos and deck plans for more than 200 cruise ships.

4) Weather Channel. Free, iPhone and Android. Know what to pack by checking the anticipated weather for cities on your itineraries. The app features crowd-sourced weather reports, in-depth data, airport weather delays and a travel-planning tool. Just updated this summer.

5) My Horizon. 99 cents, iPhone only. Do you get seasick? This app helps you “overcome motion sickness by compensating for missing visual references” by providing you with stable horizon photos on which to concentrate. You can use the app’s photos, or upload your own.




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